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The Evolution of BIO Partnering

January 16, 2010
I joined BIO in the summer of 2008, just as the global biotechnology community headed towards sunny San Diego.  This was my first experience with the scale of partnering that occurs at that meeting.  Constantly trying to be on the forefront of innovation, the BIO BD team has put forth an increased effort into converting their partnering software form a utilitarian piece of software into something that is much more.

The last 18 months have represented the most innovative time in the 7 years that BIO has been partnering.

While the outside world has counted a total of three different version of the software, the truth is the internal team has tested well over a dozen different beta versions.  Major feature upgrades were envisioned, tested, and implemented on January 2009.  The team is looking forward to rolling out some additional exciting features before the 2010 Business Forum in Chicago.

The road is not going to be easy, from here on out, our ideas are more creative than ever, and testing and implementing them in a timely fashion is our principle challenge.  We look forward to the work, and hopefully an improved version of the 1×1 partnering system in 2010.