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Exhibitor Partnering: A Toolkit

March 14, 2012
Traditionally, all private meetings at the BIO International convention have taken place in the BIO Business Forum®. If you were partnering, you would be found in a booth space within the Business Forum, end of story.

This year, however, there's Exhibitor Partnering, a completely new feature of the BIO International Convention and the BIO Business Forum. The Business Forum will still very much exist, and you can see exactly where in the map below of the BIO 2012 floor plan for the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. (See the green area.) Exhibitor Partnering will allow qualified exhibitors to hold meetings in their traditional exhibitor booths (see purple), and will use the One-on-One Partnering™ System to do so.

What does this mean? Lots. And we've put together a toolkit to answer your questions, tell you more, and guide you through this really cool new feature of the event.

Click here to access Part One of the Exhibitor Partnering Toolkit.

What you'll find:

  • Important deadlines and reminders

  • Access to past webinars

  • Booth design suggestions

  • Explanation of common Partnering terminology

  • The number of potential meetings for your booth space

  • And other planning tips

We'll post the next Toolkit soon, as this is the first in a series we're designing, and please feel free to tweet us @bio1x1 if you have any questions!


The BIO Exhibition proves to generate new business with the global industry at your fingertips. It’s where participants create partnerships, showcase new innovations and products, network, and much more.  Of the many important values in attending the BIO Exhibition, global networking was the single greatest in 2011. For more information on who exhibits and attends the BIO International Convention, click here.

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