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Face of a Giant Agribusiness

March 7, 2013
One of the more surprising items I saw in the media recently was on the Huffington Post blog. The HuffPost blog promises “fresh takes,” but this outlet is often critical of mainstream agriculture and large-scale food production – ironically, the very essence of how we feed 7 billion people in this world.

But this post from Noah Hultgren, a young corn farmer from Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, puts a fresh face on mainstream agriculture and large-scale food production.

A key point in Noah’s post:
If America is going to meet tomorrow's food and fiber needs it will take farms of all shapes and sizes. Smaller, organic growers are part of this puzzle, as are larger, conventional operations like mine, which supply more than three-quarters of our country's food and fiber.

As Secretary of State Clinton said this weekend, "We must redouble our commitment to sustainable agriculture and food security."

She's right. If this nation is going to keep pace with an exploding global population, and if it's going to do it in a sustainable way, then responsible farmers of all sizes have to come together in supporting and encouraging technology and best management practices.”

What a wise observation. What a pipedream. Can agriculture possibly come together to support and encourage technology and encourage practices that will help feed the world?  Can we put an end to the assaults on one farming practice in favor of another?

Can all the energy and resources put into frivolous lawsuits, labeling campaigns, cultivation bans and media attacks be channeled into working together to combat food poverty,  climate change and spiraling population growth? At least one young farmer believes so.

Click here to read Noah’s post.