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Food Security and a Global Pandemic: What You Need to Know

GMO Answers
GMO Answers
April 3, 2020

At GMO Answers, we’ve always been committed to responding to consumers' questions about GMOs and how our food is grown. Our goal is to make information about agriculture and how your food is grown easier to access and understand.

And now, during this time of the coronavirus, you may be wondering what impact the COVID-19 global pandemic could have on you, your food supply, and your future. We already know that the virus is affecting workplaces, our social behavior, and our basic habits, but what’s the bigger picture about food security, food waste, food loss, sustainability, food availability and most importantly, the food supply? One New York Times article has already claimed that panic buying has hit the consumer seed market.

We’ve put together a few resources to help you through these challenging times in the hopes of informing and setting your mind at ease. Farmers around the world are working through this crisis and the transportation and distribution systems, from truckers to freight rail, are operating at full capacity to make sure you have access to healthy, safe, and affordable food.

We hope these expert resources give you a bigger picture of how our food is grown, the sustainability of modern food systems, and what steps are being taken so that your personal life will be minimally impacted when it comes to your food. For more information, please visit the GMO Answers website.