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FOX Business: BIO CEO Jim Greenwood Discusses Future of Medicine

February 19, 2015
BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood appeared on Fox Business during the 17th Annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference in New York City to discuss the future of medicine.
Against a backdrop of policy discussions focused on how to encourage and incentivize innovation, this week's conference hosted a record number of partnering meetings, as Greenwood emphasizes in the interview.

Greenwood goes on to point out that investors closely follow policy trends, and their interest in biopharma R&D is partially based on the level of certainty that they have in the policy environment and future outlook. Biopharma R&D is a long, expensive, risky and challenging endeavor that requires a strong and consistent policy environment.

The future presents many challenges based on the aging of the population and increased demand for treatments and cures, particularly for chronic disease. Greenwood asserts that we must protect patient access to these much needed therapies, and not lose sight of the value of biologics to reduce the cost of healthcare spending.
The full interview can be viewed here.