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GMO Answers Celebrates World Soil Day

GMO Answers
GMO Answers
December 4, 2019

On December 5,  United Nations World Soil Day 2019 (#WorldSoilDay) and its campaign "Stop soil erosion, Save our future" raises awareness on the importance of sustaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being by addressing the increasing challenges in soil management and raising the profile of healthy soil by encouraging governments, organizations, communities, and individuals around the world to engage in proactively improving soil health.

Soil health, air quality and water conservation are all important factors in successful farming and environmental sustainability. Genetically modified crops support more sustainable farming that preserves water and topsoil and can improve air quality.

GMO Answers has created a new video that shows how GMOs helps soil health by promoting no-till agriculture, which helps keep soil in place and helps to reduce soil erosion and water runoff. 


Please view the video on the GMO Answers YouTube channel, and subscribe to our channel to get all our latest content as it gets posted.