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GMO Answers on 2016 Highlights

January 6, 2017
GMO Answers regularly posts original articles to our blog at These posts cover the topics, such as GMO crops and their safety. But they also touch on some other themes related to our mission, such as science communication, nutrition, farming, technology, and the environment. As we start 2017, let’s take a look back at our five most popular Forbes posts in 2016.

Yes, GMOs Are Safe (Another Major Study Confirms), originally published May 20th, 2016
“An exhaustive new study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, found “no substantiated evidence of a difference in risks to human health between current commercially available genetically engineered (GE) crops and conventionally bred crops,” and no conclusive causal evidence of environmental problems tied to genetically modified crops.”

A Farmer's Letter to a Concerned Student about GMOs, originally published December 22nd, 2015
Thank you for your letter concerning our use of biotechnology on our family farm. I appreciate that while your position differs from ours, your letter was polite and respectful. That aspect is often absent in conversations around the topic of GMOs.

Our family farm has been practicing sustainable agriculture in the United States for three generations. We have simultaneously practiced “conventional”, “biotech” and “certified organic” farming systems on our 2000 acres. Each of these systems has advantages and disadvantages and what’s important for each family farm is to decide what is best for their soil. Schmidt Farms has been using “GMO” seeds since 1998, two years after they received government approval. We also grow Non GMO crops every year however we no longer grow any certified organic crops.

Why Science Denialism Is Costing Us a Fortune, originally published February 18th, 2016
 “Climate change, vaccines and GMOs are popular targets of the war on science. In spite of the overwhelming scientific consensus and evidence in their favor, science denialism continues to advance. Not only is science denialism jeopardizing our health and the future of our planet, it’s also costing us a fortune.”

Why I Buy GMO Seeds, originally published May 3rd, 2016
 “Do GMO farmers have seed choice? One of the biggest myths surrounding GMOs is that they don’t. Brian Scott, a farmer, debunks this myth by discussing why he buys and plants GMO seeds   — and, more importantly, how he makes decisions that are best for his farm.”

Preserving Honey Bees Means Protecting Our Food Supply, originally published December 16th, 2016
 “With honey bees pollinating one-third of our food supply, these insects play a critical role in moving our food system forward. Without bees, there would not be enough seed for next year’s crop. That’s why farmers are working together to use agriculture as a part of the solution in preserving this important species.”

We will continue to publish a variety of posts to our Forbes portal in 2017, and we hope you follow along with our dialogue there.  For more information about GMO Answers, please visit the GMO Answers website.