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GMO Answers Kicks-off its Second Year with New Media

August 13, 2014
To kick off our second year, GMO Answers is excited to share new videos, articles, and more of our popular visual mythbusters! Here are some examples of our new content.

On the Studies and Articles page at, we recently posted 
a blog piece by Richard Green intended to help readers understand what scientific consensus really means. In his article, Green also lists a number of “well-respected” organizations and shares their statements supporting the safety of GMO crops.

The information on a scientific consensus is easy enough to find, but for the topic of GMOs it is in multiple places, and more often than not, misinformation comes up first on Internet searches.  So I thought I’d assemble the data I’ve found useful in one easy to reference location.- Richard Green

At our GMO Answers Facebook page ( you can find “Kernels of Truth-What is a GMO”, a video developed by the Nebraska Corn Board. This video explores what GMO crops are, how they work, and why farmers use them. It’s a great educational video that seeks to demystify some of the misconceptions about genetically modified foods.
Are GMOs really safe for us and our environment? Nebraska Corn Board's Kernels of Truth series is leaving common myths about agriculture in the dust. This video shares info about the 1700+ reputable safety studies on GMOs, the scientific consensus on GMOs, and the effects of GMOs on the environment.

Lastly, we know a picture can be worth more than words. Follow our GMO Answer Pinterest pages, including “GMO Safety,” where our newest visual mythbusters are posted to help address the misinformation about the perceived risks of GMOs.


GMO Answers is continuing to find new ways to answer your questions and provide new information about GMOs, keep following us for more great additions!