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Inside Health Policy: Clearing Up Confusion About Bills Updating Vaccine Tax Code

April 30, 2013
Inside Health Policy’s Alaina Busch wrote a story today on confusion that has been spreading recently related to vaccines excise legislation. Vaccines protect people from seasonal flu, and new strains have recently been approved to further protect public health. As such, the vaccine excise tax must in turn be updated to include recent approvals. S. 391 and H.R. 475 update the existing excise tax to cover the newest seasonal influenza vaccines. The legislation does not increase taxes on flu vaccines. It does not increase taxes at all. Even with the additional flu strain, the tax on the flu shot will be 75 cents, the same as last flu season. Updating the vaccine excise tax to bring it into alignment with the newest developments in the vaccine market is critical to addressing the upcoming influenza season. This is an extremely important public health matter.

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