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At ITIF Panel, Ag Innovation Shines

July 13, 2017
An Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) panel held yesterday at the National Press Club highlighted the groundbreaking advances being made using genetic-engineering techniques. The panel, "Genetic Engineering: The Future of Agriculture and Public Health," highlighted these new technologies, their applications, and the challenges and opportunities they present.

As Hadyn Parry of Intrexon stressed, one of the biggest challenges is communication with the public.
What I've found actually, is that if you get out there, as a company or as an institute, and start really communicating, the public will accept - if they understand what you're trying to do, what the problem is, and what you're trying to address... I think it comes down to the fact that, if you communicate, if you're proud of what you're doing, and if you actually try to address the problems you're trying to solve... your communication will get through.

Watch the full panel below!


Speakers included:

  • Doug Cole, Director of Marketing and Communications, Simplot Plant Sciences

  • Jay Cormier, FDA Regulatory Attorney, Hyman, Phelps & McNamara

  • Tim Eyrich, Vice President, Research and Commercialization, Southern Gardens Citrus

  • Val Giddings, Senior Fellow, ITIF

  • Hadyn Parry, Vice President, Corporate Development, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Intrexon