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It’s an Exciting Time for Industrial Biotechnology – Help Us Shape the Future Global Biobased Economy at the 2017 BIO World Congress

November 1, 2016
The BIO Event Planning Team is thrilled to announce some changes in our conference planning based on your attendee feedback and exciting new companies we have in the Industrial & Environmental space. We are thankful for our long standing support from companies like Novozymes, BASF, Corbion, Holland, and Leaf Technologies – to name a few – but we also want to hear from you!

The 2017 BIO World Congress Call for Sessions and Speakers is now open! Here is an overview of exciting changes and a few tips in your submission planning.

  1. New Approach for Session Submissions: We are asking that you develop a panel of speakers around an exciting theme or topic. If you submitted in the past you can no longer submit individual papers.  See tips for submission below.

  2. Program Committee Volunteers wanted! Partnering activity is at an all-time high in response to new ways of doing business within this sector. We are interested in seeing new folks weigh in on our conference planning. Please email by November 15, 2016 if you are interested in participating.

  3. New Branding & Networking Opportunities: We will have 3 action packed days with equal parts of exhibition, partnering and new programming and want to ensure your company gets the best visibility possible. Email our team at to ask about our new branding opportunities!

7 Tips for Planning Your Submissions:

  1. Relevance: What can you teach the audience that is so timely and relevant that they can’t afford to miss? Will this topic still be relevant in July 2017?

  2. Write from the heart: You are passionate about your work and we want to know why.

  3. Focus on your key takeaways: Attendees want to know that their hour will be well spent. Tell them what new information or tactics they will walk away with. See a sample list of last year’s attendees.

  4. Diverse speakers: Attendees are seeking advice from a diverse set of speakers. Proposals that have speakers with opposing views are always graded highly.

  5. Qualifications: Can this proposal be executed sufficiently by the speakers proposed? Think through your objectives and make sure the appropriate speakers will be able to convey that message.

  6. Reach out to your contacts: We encourage you to brainstorm with a number of your industry contacts and see what topics or ideas rise to the top.

  7. What sets your proposal apart? BIO receives hundreds of proposals each year.  What will make the program committee remember your proposal over your competitors?