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Know Your IP Strategy: A Necessity for Technology Start-ups

December 17, 2015
The Licensing Executives Society Foundation invites start-up companies, with investments of less than $200,000, and graduate students from around the world to participate in their annual International Business Plan Competition. The Competition requires participants to submit a business plan with an intellectual property component and strategies explaining how intellectual property will be used to achieve business objectives.

Before the first round submission deadline, the Competition pairs registered teams with senior leaders in the intellectual property business community and IP intelligence tools to coach teams toward an appropriate IP strategy. Registerby answering the Competition questions before December 31, 2015 to ensure access to mentor and IP analytical tools. Business plan submission deadline is February 1, 2016.

Past Competition participants have found the mentorship and tools to be extremely helpful with their business plans.

" I feel that the professionalism provided through this mentorship has given me the knowledge to speak the language of Global Intellectual Property Strategy to investors that are interested in our technology." -Ivette Rubio, 2015 Competition Winner

Teams will experience numerous benefits from entering this competition to help jump-start their business careers.

LES Foundation International Business Plan Competition benefits:

  • Win cash and in-kind prizes, including $10,000 for the Grand Prize and $5,000 for the LES International Global Award

  • Learn the basics of intellectual property and licensing

  • Experience valuable mentorship, judging, and feedback from IP and licensing professionals

  • Learn how intellectual property strategy supports your business plan

  • Tap into valuable IP analytics tools (IP ToolBox)

  • Compete from ANYWHERE. Virtual rounds make this competition easy to participate in

Become a part of this remarkable opportunity and experience valuable benefits that will help your start-up business excel.

For more information visit the Foundation’s website at or contact Annemarie Meike at


After working for more than a decade as a materials physicist, Annemarie Meike shifted toward a career that built on her technical background, but had more direct interaction with industry. Her current role is business development executive at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Recognized as one of the top 300 IP strategists in the world by IAM magazine, she has held a number of leadership positions in the Licensing Executives Society (LES), an international organization of IP professionals, and currently serves on the LES Foundation board as Director of the International Business Plan Competition. She holds a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and a J.D. from Santa Clara University.