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Less Than 65 Days Until "One Health" Day!

August 29, 2016
"One Health is the collaborative effort of multiple health science professions, together with their related disciplines and institutions – working locally, nationally, and globally – to attain optimal health for people, domestic animals, wildlife, plants, and the environment." 

The One Health Commission is a globally focused organization dedicated to promoting this "One Health" concept. Essentially The Commission seeks to "Connect" One Health Advocates, to "Create" networks and teams that work together across disciplines, and to "Educate" about One Health and One Health issues.

So how can you join in supporting "One Health". One Health Day is held each year on November 3rd:
"The goal of One Health Day is to raise awareness about the One Health approach to complex health problems involving people, animals and the environment.

"In as many countries as possible, activities and events will give scientists, practitioners, educators and advocates a powerful, unified voice for moving beyond current provincial approaches to emerging infectious diseases, food safety and security, antimicrobial resistance, invasive species, environmental pollution, loss of biodiversity, and many other problems."

Anyone from academic to corporate to nonprofit settings, from students to established professionals, can initiate a One Health Day event.

In fact, BIO has chosen “One Health,” as the theme for its 2016 Animal Biotech Summit. Programming will explore how biotechnology serves the goals of “One Health” by identifying, solving and preventing problems.

BIO’s 2016 BIO Animal Biotech Summit will be held September 21-23, 2016 in Bethesda, Maryland at the Bethesda Marriott.

Visit here to learn more about how you can create your own "One Health" Event! Explore here more social media links to "One Health" conversations.