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New Member Benefit: Online Marketplace for Custom Scientific Research Services and Products

October 3, 2018
BIO's member companies in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, chemicals, and biotechnology sectors routinely and strategically outsource their research needs, driven by a demand to stay competitive, cut costs, increase innovation, and have access to specialized knowledge. Identifying a contract research organization (CRO) requires vendor communication, diligence, legal negotiation, and selection, complimented with market knowledge, defining statement of work (SOW), project tracking, and data reporting.  Overall, this requires a tremendous amount of time and capital—before any work is done.


Following an extensive due diligence process, BIO has partnered with—the world's leading online scientific marketplace. The program offers members significant savings in a marketplace populated with 2,600+ suppliers governed by a single legal agreement. Additionally, members receive exclusive access to’s Research Concierge™, a team of scientific experts that can assist with any order, regardless of complexity. Overall, reduces CRO identification to 1) request service, 2) select service, and 3) collect data in a simple and innovative online platform. Join us in streamlining research and development with