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Novozymes launches HelloScience to foster scientific collaboration

September 27, 2017
The world’s problems are complex, and solving them requires tremendous innovation and collaboration.

That’s why Novozymes has just launched HelloScience, an online network where innovators, start-ups, companies and others can collaborate to develop solutions to some of these big challenges.

HelloScience provides a network for innovators to share solutions, get feedback and access to industry experts, and even perhaps have a joint development opportunity.

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HelloScience’s first collaboration theme is water and includes five specific challenges.
One challenge is to develop an E. coli detection device which UNICEF believes there is a significant need for. Nearly 18,000 children die each day from diarrhea and other water-related diseases, contracted mostly through contaminated water or food. The current detection tests for E. coli bacteria take up to 24 hours to return a result. UNICEF seeks solutions for rapid on-the-spot testing of drinking water, and after initial technology screenings Novozymes sees that several parties could come together to meet the need of children.

Other challenges focus on biological solutions to remove polluting chemicals from water or improve cleaning of wastewater. That includes better filtering, less sludge, and recovery of phosphate, a precious nutrient, from wastewater.

“Water and sanitation are at the heart of sustainable development. One out of every seven people does not have adequate access to safe water, and nearly one in four does not have adequate sanitation,” says Claus Crone Fuglsang. “Novozymes already provides a range of microbial solutions for treatment of both industrial and municipal wastewater, but we believe biotech in combination with other technologies can play an even bigger role. HelloScience provides a timely opportunity to bring new innovative solutions into the world of water and wastewater treatment.”

To learn more or suggest solutions visit the HelloScience website!