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Opening Day Recap of BIO 2015: What the Official Bloggers Have to Say

June 15, 2015
Today, our BIO Official Bloggers, writers who are on top of the biotechnology beat, released their first statements about their experience at the BIO International Convention. Here is what they want to share:

Informa’s BIO2015 blog

Lisa LaMotta reports on the 2015 Beyond Borders report, written by the consulting firm E&Y, which was released at the BIO Convention today. This report highlights the strength and the potential growth of the biotech industry. LaMotta captures the important findings of this paper in her blog Biotechs Have The Power:
“Currently, money is flowing into the biotech sector and many small companies now have enough capital – through venture rounds and a wide open IPO window – to bring drugs forward without a big pharma partner. For the time being, biotech is in charge.” – Lisa LaMotta


BiotechBlog invites readers to attend the panel for Emerging Opportunities in Global Markets, tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. in room 119A. Yali Friedman, the author, will be a panelist in this discussion which delves into policies and factors that foster (or hinder) biotech industry success across the globe.

In his second article, Yali Friedman named one of the 100 most influential people in biotechnology by Scientific American #BIO2015, Friedman thanks Scientific American for listing him as one of the 100 most influential people in biotechnology who is an entrepreneur, researcher, and writer for the industry:
“I am overjoyed to be recognized for my work, and look forward to future projects. To keep tabs on future projects.” – Yali Friedman


In the blog released today titled BIO International Convention Offers Different Perspectives on Research & Innovation, Resarch!America promotes Tom Brokaw’s keynote that he will be delivering tomorrow and Dr. Eric Topol’s keynote which will be delivered on Wednesday. Research!America also mentions the Wednesday evening keynote which will be featuring Wynton Marsalis, legendary musician and artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center.