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Panelists make it personal

October 29, 2009
Panelists in the “Making it Personal” session discussed the clinical utility, comparative effectiveness implications and reimbursement for personalized medicine.

Tod Klinger, PhD of XDx, Inc. asserted that we are still in the early stages of personalized medicine since there is a need to determine how to link measurements with relevant clinical information for the patient to enable decision making.

Furthermore, there are many other questions that still need to be considered. Ellen Sheets, MD, of Predictive Biosciences, pointed out that it is generally assumed that patients want to know potential health problems that they may be confronted with in the future. And Pamela Munster, MD of the University of California at San Francisco added that insurers must reimburse for personalized medicine technologies, or they won’t be used anyways.

Alessandra Cesano, MD, PhD of Nodality, asserted that another challenge is that there is not a lot of data on the clinical utility of personalized medicine.

The session was moderated by Ronald Lennox, DPhil, of CHL Medical Partners.