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Participate in the 11th Annual Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Report and Survey

February 26, 2014
BioPlan AssociatesParticipate in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry's most in-depth, global study: 11th Annual Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Report and Survey.

Your input is more important than ever, as BioPlan Associates benchmarks global and regional trends affecting the industry. You will receive a free summary of the results of the study as well as BioPlan’s 159 Key Industry Facts White Paper. For each completed survey BioPlan will donate $10 (up to $10,000) to global health charities.

The survey takes between 10-25 minutes, depending on your areas of expertise.

For more information contact:

Donnie Elizabeth Gillespie, Project Director
BioPlan Associates, Inc.
2275 Research Blvd, Ste 500 Rockville, MD 20850 USA
Main: 301-921-5979

Survey Methodology: The Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity and Production by BioPlan Associates, Inc. yields a composite view and trend analysis from hundreds of responsible individuals at biopharmaceutical manufacturers and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) in 31 countries. The methodology also encompassed an additional 200 direct suppliers of materials, services and equipment to this industry. This survey covers such issues as: new product needs, facility budget changes, current capacity, future capacity constraints, expansions, use of disposables, trends and budgets in disposables, trends in downstream purification, quality management and control, hiring issues, and employment. The quantitative trend analysis provides details and comparisons of production by biotherapeutic developers and CMOs. It also evaluates trends over time, and assesses differences in the world's major markets in the U.S. and Europe.