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Program unveiled for third annual BIO Convention in China

November 1, 2013
The third annual BIO Convention in China is just around the corner, taking place Nov. 11-13 in Beijing, China. We’ve got an exciting mix of speakers, panels, and workshops scheduled. Keynote speakers include Washington Governor Jay Inslee, U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke, CFDA Assistant Minister Bian Zhenjia, and China Center for Pharmaceutical Exchange Director General Zhao Yajun, as well as BIO’s own President and CEO James Greenwood.

If you haven’t, be sure to take a look at our full program. Some of our program highlights include:

Roadmap to Cultivate Innovative Biologics Industry in China

The bio-industry has been designated as one of China’s seven strategic emerging industries (SEI) by the government. Within the bio-industry, therapeutic biologics hold significant promise for China to achieve breakthrough innovation and to address largely unmet medical needs in many disease areas. Today, China’s therapeutic biologics industry stands at RMB 18 billion, representing less than 2 percent of the global total. This panel will explore the steps that may be taken by the government and industry to develop a world-class innovative biologics sector in China.

Company Partnerships in Vaccine Developments in China

China and its neighboring countries represent a significant private sector opportunity for new vaccines. Chinese vaccine companies, working in partnership with other vaccine companies, are developing important medicine that addresses the specific unmet medical needs in China and other Asian markets. These collaborations bring novel vaccine technology into the Chinese research institutions while offering small and large Western vaccine companies the opportunity to bring new products to the growing Chinese private sector. Vaccines that protect against pneumococcal disease, HPV, influenza and RSV are in development or clinical trials. The panelists for this topic will discuss successful partnerships designed to solve key public health issues in China and other emerging markets.

Rare Diseases in China
The establishment of China’s first national organization against rare diseases (China Rare Diseases Prevention & Treatment Alliance) reaffirms the country’s commitment to innovative health care research. China is actively promoting the regulation of rare diseases and orphan drugs. This panel will focus on the research and development of orphan drugs in China.

Dissecting China’s Unmet Medical Needs

The prevalence of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases continue to rise in China, primarily due to a growing aging population and urbanization. To what extent are current standards of care falling short, and what novel products and technologies are around the corner to fill the void? Hear leading experts discuss these questions, and learn how the industry is addressing unmet medical needs to improve healthcare in China.