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Q&A with Complete Genomics' Dr. Clifford Reid

October 21, 2009
Read a recent interview with Complete Genomics Chairman, President, and CEO Clifford Reid about his company’s top priorities, what makes his company attractive to investors, and what he hopes to accomplish at the 8th Annual BIO Investor Forum. 

Complete Genomics sequenced its first genome in early 2009 and that data is publically available in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) database. Already, in 2009, Complete Genomics has sequenced and delivered genomes to important collaborators in academic, pharmaceutical and government research institutions. In 2010, the company intends to sequence 10,000 genomes. Complete Genomics’ mission is to become the global leader in human genome sequencing. It is currently building the world’s largest human genome sequencing center in California. Further expansion is planned by opening sequencing centers worldwide.