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With the Return of the BIO International Convention, Philadelphia Looks to Become an Innovation Hub

December 12, 2014
When the BIO International Convention was last in Philadelphia (2005), the region admittedly learned a lot about the biotech industry. Perhaps most importantly, the economic benefits powerhouse regions outside of Philadelphia reap with a strong biotech presence.

"When BIO showed up, it allowed us to take into perspective other regions strong in biotechnology," Russel Kaufman, president and CEO of the Wistar Institute and CEO Council for Growth board member explained. "Many regions that were biotech powerhouses were similar to us [in terms of research]. But they commercialized much better than we did."

“That realization prompted the CEO Council to commission a study in 2007 on technology transfer and commercialization, which proved even more that the gap between research and invention existed.”

“Kaufman said if the region could just meet its goal in helping create some top companies that make millions, it would generate the "buzz" the region needs to "attract talent, money and activity."

To learn more about the value of biotech and the 2015 BIO International Convention, returning to Philadelphia after a ten year absence, please visit the event site here.