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Springing into the next crop season – what one farmer has planned

March 30, 2018
We're a country that is generations from being on the farm, for the most part. And most people just don't know that much about where their food comes from. Because of this, there are a lot of myths, misconceptions, and flat out rumors about how farmers manage their farms. There are claims that farmers are forced to buy certain seeds, or buy from a certain company. The reality is that farmers decide for themselves what to grow each year.  They choose what to do.  And those decisions are made based upon a variety of factors, including economics, weather, land, and global market demand.

GMO Answers has asked farmer and GMO Answers volunteer expert Brandon Hunnicutt to explain how he makes these decisions. Brandon lives on a piece of land that his family has farmed for over 100 years. He is passionate about agriculture, whether he’s trying to raise the next big crop, utilizing the next big technological advance, researching a product to make his crops healthier or more productive, or trying to protect agriculture from those who want to farm it.

In a new post on the GMO Answers Medium page, he talks about his options. And yes, those options include growing genetically modified seeds. Ultimately, the decision is his. He and his family have many questions to ask, and answer:
Our plan is developed in many the same ways a home gardener would develop their plan. We consider:

·         What crops do I like?

·         What grows well in my area?

·         Were there problems (disease, weeds, insects) last year that may be a problem this year?

·         Do I need to rotate crops to help with soil health?

·         Is there something new I would like to try?

·         Where am I going to purchase my seeds?

·         Do I have a preferred place to buy seeds or do I want to try something new?

Ultimately, their goal with all of these decisions is to produce the highest quality crop they can, free from pest damage and disease – just like any home gardener would do. Learn more about Brandon, and his decision making process, at the GMO Answers Medium page.