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Standing with STRONGER

Phyllis Arthur
July 15, 2020

The development of safe and effective vaccines is more important than ever. As we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, infectious diseases can appear suddenly and spread quickly. As the biotech industry races to develop an effective vaccine for COVID-19, there has been an unprecedented commitment to ending the global threat once and for all with a vaccine against the virus.

While vaccines play a vital role in protecting public health, we have seen a lot of misinformation grow about their safety, efficacy, and impact. That is why BIO has long supported infectious disease prevention, working tirelessly to educate the public and policymakers on the positive impact of vaccines across our work with companies, philanthropic partners, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

And that is why BIO is now standing with STRONGER, a first-of-its kind effort designed to combat the spread of vaccine misinformation online. Here’s why this new effort led by Dr. Joe Smyser and his team the Public Good Projects, a public health nonprofit, is so important:

  • Vaccines save lives. Advancements in biotechnology have helped create new vaccines against deadly disease and improve existing vaccines available for patients. In the U.S., the recommended immunization series prevents approximately 33,000 deaths each year.
  • Misinformation risks lives. As false information spreads about vaccines and the science driving them, more and more lives are at risk to deadly diseases. In 2001, roughly 94 percent of Americans believed parents should vaccinate their children. Today, that number stands at less than 85 percent.
  • Vaccine safety & efficacy are top priorities. People around the world depend on vaccines to prevent highly contagious and deadly diseases, such as measles and seasonal flu. Vaccines go through rigorous testing to ensure they work safely and protect the most vulnerable people in our communities.

If you want to join a movement designed to promote public health and combat misinformation, be sure to visit Stand with us as we stand with STRONGER.