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Sugar from GM Sugarbeets is Not the Scariest Thing on Halloween

October 31, 2015
Every year Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween. Chocolate leads the group with 90 million pounds of it being sold during the prior week.

Did you know that sugarbeet sugar accounts for approximately 20 percent of the world’s production of sugar? Sugarcane sugar accounts for the remaining amount.

In her TheSweetTruth blog , sugarbeet farmer Laura cites that beet sugar represents 54 percent of domestic sugar production in the U.S. and that America’s sugar beet farmers produce enough beet sugar to meet the sugar needs of over 132 million Americans every year.

Further, more than 90 percent of the sugarbeets grown in this country are genetically modified (GMO). And genetically modified sugar beets make up half of the U.S. sugar production.

So if you’re eating Halloween candy this year, which probably contains sugar, chances are those foods are GMO. GMO can be an unfamiliar and even scary term but there is no need to worry. The refined sugar that you eat is the same at the molecular level, regardless of whether it is grown from conventional, organic or genetically engineered seeds.

Let's break it down. Sugar made from GMO sugarbeets is indistinguishable from other sugar because the GMO protein in the beets is removed in processing. GMO sugar beets are genetically engineered to tolerant herbicides because weeds love to inhabit sugarbeet

fields and threaten to steal sunlight, water and nutrients from the crop. 

Sugar from all sources has been tested at the molecular level, and scientific evidence has proven that there is no DNA or protein present in refined sugar.

Therefore, sugar, whether from sugar beets and sugarcane or from sugar crops grown using conventional, biotech or organic methods, is identical. Furthermore, there is also no difference between domestically and internationally grown sugars.

So don’t fall for false misrepresentation and scare tactics around the use of GMOs. Halloween is a pass that grants you permission to indulge in your favorite sweets.