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Tuesday Recap of BIO 2015: What the Official Bloggers Have to Say

June 16, 2015
Everyday our BIO Official Bloggers, writers who are on top of the biotechnology beat, release statements about their experience at the BIO International Convention. Here is what they want to share with you today:


Author Lisa Melton reflects on a panel discussion she attended Monday titled “The BIOethics of drug development: you decide” in her post BIO2015 Day 1: Ethics. The panel set up a mock company and a mock drug in clinical trial, and found a “miraculous side effect.” Read more to find out how social media plays in this drugs fate!

Genomics Blog

Read about Mikenomics’s interview with Jeffery Taylor, Managing Partner at U.S. Government Relations Intl. in Washington, DC. You can even hear their conversation via an Mp3 file!
It is a hot and humid day here, and Jeffrey was glad to be inside where there was air conditioning even though there are still lots of miles to walk just to get where you need to be inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Bloomberg BNA

June 15, 2015

Yesterday, John T. Aquino met with Gareth Williams of the UK law firm Marks & Clerk to talk about a report that they will release on global patent filings for antibiotics treatments for rare diseases and vaccines. Read about last year’s report and this year’s findings in his first release titled BLOOMBERG BNA AT BIO 2015 ANNUAL CONVENTION: DAY ONE, JUNE 15.

June 16, 2015

You can also read Aquino’s second article in which he expresses what he learned in the session at BIO titled Learning from the Ebola Outbreak: Sustaining and Strengthening the Public-Private Partnership and Ensuring Preparedness which was on Monday. His piece summarizes the discussion and provides his opinions on the matter.

In his last article, Aquino shares his experience at an intellectual property track session involving IP Patents and their importance for patient health and innovation — which included the perspective from patients and 10 IP attorneys.

Informa’s BIO2015 Blog

Sue Sutter reports from BIO2015 at a panel discussion which focuses on clinical trial data transparency initiatives that could possibly make it hard for drug developers to secure patents and investments.
The panel discussion at BIO brought together representatives from industry and the European Union regulator to discuss recent developments in global initiatives to increase clinical data transparency. —Sutter


This blog post reveals why biotechnology crowdfunding levels pale in comparison to other industries. There are many reasons for this disparity due to risk, high capital requirements, and the technical nature of many biotechnology applications.
A talk by Wharton”s Steve Sammut, based on research by Roger Younan, revealed that biotechnology applications are absent from the list of top crowdfunding areas. One means to increase crowdfunding in biotechnology and the life sciences in general is to leverage existing interests, rather than following the challenging path of introducing drastic changes to crowdfunding models.