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University Licensing Survey 2010 - AUTM

July 28, 2011
AUTM is set to release their AUTM Licensing Activity Survey Summary: FY 2010 in the fall of this year for both the U.S. and Canada.  AUTM issued a AUTM 2010 survey highlights to wet the appetite.


-The number of startups formed increased 10.6%.  651 startup companies formed of which 498 had their primary place of business in the licensing institution's home state.

-Number of licenses/options executed to startups increased 14%.  4,284 licenses executed and 1,078 options executed.

-Strong 15% increase in the total number of active licenses and options through the close of 2010.  There are now 38,528 active licenses and options.

-3,657 startups still operating as of the end of FY 2010.

-$59.1 billion total sponsored research expenditures $39.1 billion of which was federally funded and $4.3 billion of which was industry-sponsored.

-U.S. patent applications filed increased 2.7% (18,712 total) while new patent applications increased 1.4% (12,281 total).

-Total license income increased 3% ($2.4 billion total), running royalties decresed 14.6% ($1.4 billion total), cashed-in equity from hospitals and research institues increased 160% ($63.4 million total).  All other sources of income increased 25% ($452.3 million total) which helped offset the decreased in royalty.

Apparently, AUTM is going to make this a global survey which should provide interesting information for country to country comparison.  The Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals (ASTP) adopted this survey in 2009 to analyze the same factors in Europe.