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Washington Post: Gene Therapies Offer “Dramatic Promise”

November 13, 2015
Yesterday's Washington Post has an in-depth article about gene therapy, a type of therapeutic intervention which alters the underlying DNA responsible for producing certain diseases. The technology is enjoying a resurgence, fueled by some stunningly positive results in certain clinical trials recently.

The authors begin with the story of 23 year old Allison Corona, who suffers from a congenital diseases that left her legally blind at age four. After receiving a gene therapy treatment:
The world around her, once dark and austere, soon grew brighter. Her vision is still far from perfect, but for the first time, she sees that paper towels have texture. She marvels at the velvet floral wallpaper that covers her bedroom wall… “Things became much more beautiful for me,” Corona said.

The piece does a good job of exploring the tremendous value such treatments promise patients with debilitating genetic diseases.

Read the full article here.