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Welcome to the new and improved BIOtechNOW

Joe Hansen
Joe Hansen
January 12, 2017

Today we are launching a new and improved BioTech-Now, chock-full of great new features that we’re sure you’ll love.

As BIO’s voice in the ever expanding sea of news and blogs, BioTech-Now has posted 2,937 blogs on all things biotech since February 2008 – innovative and lifesaving medicines, ever-changing health policies, intellectual property, ethanol, GMOs, and our signature BIO events.

The rich content will remain but with a brand new look!

Here are a few of the changes:

Mobile Responsive:

Biotech-Now can now be easily read in your pocket or on your tablet.  We’ve upgraded the site to be readable from any device you have.

More Shareable than ever:

Sharing BioTechNow content across your social media properties, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has never been easier.  Just highlight the sentence or paragraph that you love and with two clicks you’ve shared it!

Keep reading; you’re almost there:

You can now track how far along you are in a blog post by looking at the green status bar at the top.  Now you can see exactly how close you are to the end (although we know you will want to read the post all the way through).

We now suggest other content you might love:

When you get to the bottom of a post, the most un-annoying and amazingly helpful pop-up will appear from the right side of the screen (only on desktop) and suggest related stories you might like.  Give it a try!

That’s a quick tour of what’s new! We’d love to hear what you think; please feel free to email us at  Thanks for reading.