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Welcome to San Diego and to the 2016 BIO World Congress!

April 18, 2016
Welcome to San Diego and to the 13th Annual BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology.

This is actually our first time hosting this event in San Diego and in California…and that is a testament to this region’s commitment, vision and focus on fostering and growing its industrial biotechnology sector. We have a great turnout this year,  with industry leaders from over 50 countries…making this event, once again, the world’s largest industrial biotechnology event of the year. I should also note that about a third of the attendees are here for the first time. Several of this year’s presenters are right out of the tech transfer phase of development, so you will have a front row seat for the latest industry innovations. It looks very much like the start of a new cycle of commercialization, beginning right here at the World Congress.

BIO Logo Horizontal RGBEvents like this could not succeed without the support of our sponsors. And I particularly want to recognize our Diamond sponsor—Novozymes. And our gold sponsors—BASF, Corbion, Holland and Leaf.

Over the next few days, you will see that BIO is focused on taking this event to the next level. We are committing more resources and investing in new applications to make sure that you have a productive and informative experience.

We recently revamped our One-on-One business partnering program to ensure that you are better able to make the types of connections that will grow your business.

Our goal is to ensure that your business development meetings have tangible results, from deal activity to helping your operations to fill key gaps up and down your value chain.

In addition, we have put together an outstanding roster of speakers and plenary sessions. We have many first-time speakers this year, reflecting a new cycle of innovation and commercialization in the sector.

This is an exciting and important time. We are seeing a continuing evolution in our industry…

  • Cellulosic biofuels are overcoming obstacles.

  • Drop-in fuels, like butanol, continue to make progress.

  • Aviation biofuels have made major strides and many airlines are testing these fuels today.

  • The DOD’s Great Green Fleet initiative was recently launched.

  • We are seeing a rapid expansion of renewable chemical commercialization efforts.

  • From now through 2020, renewable chemicals are expected to grow at twice the rate of the overall chemical market, comprising 11 to 13 percent of total chemical industry revenues (which are expected to top $3.45 trillion).

  • New feedstocks like natural gas are being exploited.

  • We are experiencing steady growth in food, flavoring and fragrances.

  • Today, more and more consumer products are being made with biobased ingredients.

  • Synthetic biology is providing exciting new tools for even more innovation.

All across our industry our science and innovations are galloping forward and it is critical that public policy keeps pace with what is happening in the lab…so that we can continue to attract the investment and capital needed to scale and commercialize our operations to meet consumer demand.

This is what we work to achieve every day at BIO. We work to make sure that you have the public policy environment where great science and great entrepreneurs can thrive.

So I hope you will have a wonderful and productive conference. Leverage our partnering system to make new connections and expand your network.

And don’t forget to take in some of the great sites and experiences San Diego has to offer!