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When The Deck is Stacked Against Innovators, Everyone Loses

February 26, 2015
Yesterday, I took part in a series of successful meetings on Capitol Hill regarding the USPTO’s Inter Partes Review system (IPR). Joined by several of BIO’s member companies, we expressed our concerns with how the system is evolving into one which makes it easier for IPR challengers to win than in Federal Court.

The implementation of the IPR system - developed through the 2011 America Invests Act - has unintentionally invited abuses of the USPTO administrative review system and unfairly stacked the deck against legitimate patent owners in many ways.

Congress never intended for the patent challenge system to be utilized by those attempting to profit from the confusion the current system creates. Such efforts not only damage the value of companies working on cures—but also hurts those sick and suffering patients and their families who are eager for cures.

For more information on this issue, read BIO's latest statement concerning the USPTO' s patent challenge proceedings: