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June 10-11 & 14-18, 2021

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Explore BIO Digital Rooms

There's lots to see and do within BIO Digital! Take a moment to explore these rooms:


Company Lobby

This is where you can find all company types and groups participating in BIO Digital!

BIO Pavilion 

Stop by the BIO Pavilion to learn about I am BIO, BIO Business Solutions and how to become a BIO Member!

Patient Advocacy

The BIO Patient Advocacy Pavilion provides a forum for BIO attendees to meet with and explore potential collaborations between the biopharmaceutical industry and the nonprofit disease community to expedite the development of new and novel treatments.

The Pavilion was created to provides patient advocacy organizations, venture philanthropies, and the biotechnology industry with unique partnering and networking opportunities to advance their shared goal of developing innovative medicines to fight and cure disease and improve the lives of patients.

Company Presentations 

Don't Miss Out on Company Presentations at BIO Digital! Watch hundreds of companies pitch their story, pipelines and growth objectives. You can meet companies in 26 therapeutic focus areas from all over the world!

Start-Up Stadium

Check out these 30 featured start-ups and meet with these companies in BIO One-on-One Partnering! 

Start-Up Stadium was designed to provide start-up companies with the opportunity to engage key members of the investment community, venture philanthropy groups, strategic partners, and non-dilutive capital at the world’s largest biotechnology event.

Academic Campus

Academic Campus at BIO Digital is a platform for universities, research institutes and hospitals to advance research and drug development agendas via BIO One-on-One Partnering. Explore groups you can meet with during BIO Digital.

NIH Innovation Zone

The Innovation Zone is a partnership between BIO and the National Institutes of Health to feature Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funded early-stage biotech companies to showcase their cutting-edge technologies, form long-term partnerships, and begin to raise funds in the private sector.