In an Era of Partisan Stalemate, What Drug Pricing Policies Can the Executive Branch Enact Without Congressional Authority?

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Congress and the White House have seemed at odds on many positions but united in at least one – drug prices are too high. Candidates vying for the presidency have made it a top campaign issue.

In an era when disagreement within Congress results in reduced legislation, what policies can the president enact through executive action alone? And if the office changes hands in 2020, what shifts in drug pricing policy can we expect to see? This panel, featuring perspectives by a former FDA official, former congressional staffer and drug manufacturer, will take a deep dive into executive authority on health care policy, discuss what is and is not possible and consider how things could change after the 2020 election.
Head, Reputation & Risk Management Practice
Syneos Health
Vice President; Co-Lead, FDA & Public Health Working Group
BGR Government Affairs
Vice President, Global Government Relations and Public Policy
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
President and Co-founder
Center for Medicine in the Public Interest