BIO’s First TV Ad on the Air

WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 14, 2000) A BIO-sponsored television ad will begin running Jan. 17 on cable and news talk shows throughout the Washington metropolitan area. The ad focuses on the benefits of biotech medical research.

This ad is designed to position the biotech industry as the innovative leader in a long line of spectacular technology achievements developed in the United States and to remind decision-makers in Washington about the benefits of biotechnology, said BIO President Carl B. Feldbaum.

The ad will run during morning and Sunday talk shows including Good Morning America, Meet the Press, This Week and The Today Show along with cable spots on CNN, CNBC and MSNBC. In addition, the ad will provide a toll-free number for viewers to obtain further information about biotechnology.

The ad coincides with a U.S. Senate adopted resolution designating January 2000 ‘National Biotechnology Month.’ The ad’s text follows.


Video Audio
An early airplane taking off (Wright Brothers)
Type: "a flying machine"
If we had stopped here...
A space shuttle lifting off, dissolve to footprint on the surface of the moon
Type: "a man on the moon"
We never would have gotten here...
Old fashioned telephone operators at switchboard
Type: "a simple way"
If we had stopped here...
Pan of cables plugged into computer, focus on last cable being plugged in.
Type: "a super highway"
We never would have gotten here...
Woman being examined by doctor
Type: "a treatment"
And if we stop here...
Type: "we'll never know how far we can go." We'll never know how far we can go.
Shot of Henry Ford, Amelia Earhardt, Buzz Aldrin Americans have always embraced the future.
Pan of test tubes and beakers, wide shot of lab technician next to microscope seen in between beakers, lab technician drops liquid into petri dish from above, nurse laughing with girl, father with little girl on bicycle
Type: "fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease"
With biotechnology, nearly 100 new drugs and vaccines have helped millions fight life threatening diseases.
Graphic end page. Type: "Biotechnology a big word that means hope.
Liquid droplet lands in the middle of the "o" in "hope" and cuases ripple effect. "a big word that" fades out and the screen reads, "Biotechnology means hope"
Biotechnology -- a big word that means hope.