BIO CEO & Investor Conference Presentations Target Specific Diseases, Therapies

(WASHINGTON, D.C., November 11, 1998). . . The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) will host a CEO & Investor Conference in New York Feb. 24-26, 1999, with a format that groups company presentations based on specific diseases and therapeutic approaches.

The conference will be held at the New York Palace Hotel and will be open to the news media. A total of 54 Biotech CEOs will discuss their products and R&D efforts in sessions focused on 12 topics, allowing investors to evaluate complementary and competitive technologies. The CEOs also will participate in separate roundtable discussions on a variety of business issues.

In addition, special guest speakers will include Knight Kiplinger, editor of The Kiplinger Letter and editor-in-chief of Kiplinger'sPersonal Finance Magazine. Mr. Kiplinger's most recent book is "World Boom Ahead."

The company presentation sessions will be one or two hours with a maximum of four CEOs presenting in the shorter sessions and five in the longer ones. Sessions will be moderated by a banker, portfolio manager, pharmaceutical company executive or a clinician.

The 12 session topics will be selected from the following:

  • Cancer drugs and immunotherapies
  • Drug discovery platforms (genomics, combinatorial
  • chemistry)
  • Vaccines
  • Central nervous system diseases
  • Tissue augmentation and engineering
  • Genetic diagnostics, pharmacogenomics
  • Diabetes
  • Transplant directions
  • Developmental biology, pharmacogenesis
  • Drug delivery
  • Gene therapy and antisense
  • Infectious diseases
  • AIDS and hepatitis
  • Agricultural biotechnology products
  • Bridging biology with chemistry
  • Bridging information technology with biotechnology.

CEO roundtable discussions will focus on:

  • Biotechnology's place in the world's stock markets.
  • How to create sustainable value from technology platforms.
  • Exploring industry consolidation and merger and acquisition strategies.
  • How to maximize the value of intellectual property portfolios.
  • Creative financing - Case studies.
  • New business models for biotechnology.
  • European financing opportunities.

For more information contact Charles Craig at BIO in Washington, D.C., at 202-962-9200.