Georgia Poll Reveals Broad Support for Stem Cell Research

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 21, 2006) -- A statewide poll recently conducted in Georgia demonstrates that a significant majority of Georgians support embryonic stem cell research and therapeutic cloning. The poll of more than 600 registered voters was conducted on behalf of the Georgia Biomedical Partnership, an affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).

The poll results show that Georgia voters by a more than two-to-one margin (67% to 31%) support embryonic stem cell research and by a double digit margin (55% to 42%) support therapeutic cloning.

“The results in Georgia mirror those of national polls which have clearly demonstrated that the overwhelming majority of Americans support federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.  People across the country recognize the potential of this research to greatly reduce human suffering and death from the diseases that plague our loved ones,” stated BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood.  “Human embryonic stem cells have shown incredible promise toward developing breakthrough treatments for a variety of intractable diseases including various cancers, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease.”

“Therapeutic cloning similarly holds great potential to improve our scientific understanding of cellular development,” said Greenwood.  “It could be used to develop new ways of deriving genetically matched embryonic stem cells in order to create cell and tissue transplants to treat diseases and injuries afflicting millions of Americans.”

"The results of this poll further confirm trends we're seeing across the country," said Patrick Kelly, BIO's vice president of state government relations.  "There has been a growing understanding about the potential of embryonic stem cells to develop treatments, and potentially cures, for numerous diseases.  BIO has been working with our state affiliate organizations for the past nine years to champion these extremely promising areas of research.  It's heartening to see this kind of broad support in Georgia." 

The poll was conducted by Republican pollster and public affairs researcher Dr. Whit Ayres of Ayres McHenry & Associates, Inc., based in Washington, D.C.  Dr. Ayres has worked as a pollster for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Senators Lamar Alexander, Lindsey Graham, and the late Paul Coverdell.

BIO represents more than 1,100 biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations across the United States and 31 other nations. BIO members are involved in the research and development of healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology products.