Growing Scope, Impact of Biotechnology Showcased at BIO'98

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 15, 1998) - "Whether it is new human vaccines delivered by eating common fruits and vegetables, gene therapies for life threatening disease, cloning or the latest in the war against cancer, BIO '98 in New York, June 14-18, will provide both veteran reporters and newcomers a comprehensive look at current and future biotech research and products under development," said BIO President Carl B. Feldbaum.

"Over 4,000 biotech executives and researchers from 40 nations are expected in New York for the world's largest industry gathering. The growing scope of the industry will be articulated through sessions on the latest advances in food and agriculture, marine and industrial biotechnology, enzymes and bioinformatics, and of course, how biotechnology is developing the next generation of medicines to treat AIDS, Alzheimer's, cancers, heart disease, cystic fibrosis - to name only a few," Feldbaum said.

BIO '98 takes place June 14-18 at the New York Hilton & Towers and Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers in New York City. Program highlights include -

BIO Parks '98 - (Saturday, June 13) From the Scottish birthplace of Dolly, the Roslin Institute's Dr. Grahame Bulfield leads off a program exploring the vital partnership between academic science and the biotechnology industry.

International Biotech Roundtable - (Sunday, June 14) Business and science leaders from around the world will gather for an interactive and dynamic seminar to assess global issues which affect the growth of biotechnology and what the industry is doing to address them. The Roundtable will highlight the importance of public policy support for innovation through a hospitable environment for research and development. A keynote speaker will open the plenary at 12:30 p.m. followed by three simultaneous breakout session from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Major themes of these session include Intellectual Property: A fundamental prerequisite; The Economics of Biotechnology Incentives: access, funding, rewards, and incentives; and the Ethical and Social Issues Impact of Consumer Perceptions, Values and Education. A closing one hour plenary will be held following the breakout sessions.

BIO GENEius Awards/ Biotech, 20 Years From Now - (Sunday, June 14) Five top winners are announced from 20 New York City metro-area, middle- and high-school students competing for the BIO GENEius science prize. Beforehand, a distinguished group of scholars debate the potential impact of genetic science and technology 20 years into the future. The panel will be moderated by NBC News Correspondent, Bob Bazell.

Investor/Partnering Conference - (Monday-Tuesday, June 15-16) This conference brings together select investment bankers, institutional investors and biopharmaceutical company executives to hear presentations on opportunities from emerging biotechnology companies.

Vaccine Symposium - (Monday, June 15) "Needle-less" vaccines? Fruits and vegetables containing edible vaccines? These are some innovations biotechnology is bringing to one of the most critical disease control and prevention strategies of this century and certainly the next.

Agricultural Biotech '98 - (Monday-Tuesday, June 15-16) What's cooking in Ag Biotech? Taste for yourself at the Biotech Foods Reception Monday evening.

Just a few of the topics during two days of presentations include environmental benefits of agricultural biotechnology, the healthcare harvest of marine biotechnology and the marketing of "smart foods. "

Trends in Science - This meeting track kicks off Monday, June 15 for three days of sessions and workshops on searing science trends including - gene therapy, cloning, industrial biotechnology, enzymes, monoclonal antibodies and bioinformatics. Find out what biotechnology has contributed (environmentally) to blue jeans.

The War on Cancer - (Wednesday, June 17) Wall Street Journal reporter and author of Curing Cancer, Michael Waldholz, moderates a forum on biotechnology breakthroughs in our continuing war on cancer. The forum features leading biotech researchers and medical experts.

State and Regional Officials Address the Biotechnology Industry - In the course of our meeting we will hear from New York Gov. George E. Pataki (June 18), New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (June 15)and Connecticut Gov. John Rowland (June 17). In addition, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge will receive BIO's "Governor of the Year" Award at BIO '98 (June 16).

Biotechnology and the Media - (Thursday, June 18) George Strait, ABC News health and science reporter, will address the Thursday luncheon on, the news media and biotech.

Registration and press room information: Registration at BIO '98 for credentialed members of the press is complimentary. For your convenience, a fully operational press room with computers, modems and internet access will be available for the entire meeting in the Gibson Room on the second floor of the Hilton. To register, fill out the attached form and return it to BIO by fax or mail.