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June 8-12, 2020

Company Presentations

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Company Presentations

Company Presentations are the perfect way to increase visibility and attract more partners at BIO Digital. Pitch your company's story, pipelines, and objectives to a global audience of business development executives, investors, research analysts, policy makers and media, and get more activity in BIO One-on-One Partnering™.

Applications are closed for BIO Digital.

On-Demand Company Presentations
Company Presentations Across a Variety of Therapeutic Areas

Giving a company presentation is a great way to reach a global audience, increase your visibility in the biotech industry and get more BIO One-on-One Partnering meetings with investors and executives.

Presenting companies tend to receive more meeting requests and scheduling more meetings! 

Application Update

We are no longer accepting applications for Company Presentations. Notification regarding acceptance or rejection occurs on a rolling basis.


Therapeutic Areas

Company Presentations are categorized by the following categories:

Animal Health Products





Digital Health

Food & Agriculture


Gene/Cell Therapy



Industrial & Environmental

Infectious Diseases


Medical Devices

Metabolic Diseases

Multiline Global Biopharma

Multiple Therapeutics

Non-Profit/Patient Advocacy Group




Orphan/Rare Diseases

Pain Management

Platform for Therapeutics

Regenerative Medicine

Reproductive/Sexual Health


Tools/Drug Development Support Tech


Featured FAQs
Best Practices for Delivering a Company Presentation

BIO has worked with Donna LaVoie of LaVoieHealthScience Stategic Communications to develop three best-practice videos to help optimize your Company Presentation at the next BIO event.

Statement on Diversity

BIO is committed to workforce development, diversity, and inclusion, and incorporates these values into all aspects of BIO operations. Program development for BIO’s events will be considered in this light, with specific attention paid to speakers’ gender, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, and gender identity, as well as their company’s focus, financing, geographic location, and size.  Diverse programming at BIO’s events allows BIO to remain a strong leader in efforts to ensure that the biotechnology industry can attract, develop, and retain a high-quality, globally competitive employee talent pool. Learn more about Workforce Development, Diversity, & Inclusion at BIO.