Prescient Diagnostics: Implications for Product Development and Reimbursement

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM (EDT), Thursday, June 8, 2023 ・ Session Room 209
Major changes in diagnostics industry are underway with increased push to self-testing, digital diagnostic products, AI based multi-omics diagnostics, which promise to predict disease before appearance of symptoms with increasing confidence. In addition, an entirely new area of ubiquitous wearables with continuous health monitoring and artificial intelligence based real-time analysis of large datasets is promising to transform the ability to detect perturbations in our health patterns early and often. What are the implications for diagnostics products development and clinical value propositions vis-a-vis therapeutics and subsequently what are reimbursement challenges ?
Questions this panel will address are:
If we can detect disease earlier than the known symptoms today, how do you show value and get approval or reimbursement?
Will the acceptance of self-test diagnostics be sustained and carried into other disease areas other than COVID or influenza ?
What are the implications of prescient diagnostics on co-diagnostics and therapeutics?
How does our healthcare system transform from largely symptomatic treatment and rescue from debilitating conditions to prevention therapeutics where the measurement of benefit may be less impactful in the short term and more preventive with long term societal health impacts?
What new metrics will we need to develop to determine reimbursement ?
Pulmokine Inc.
Global Head of Digital Strategy
Founder and Chairman
Real Endpoints
Head of Market Access
Roche Diagnostics
Vice President, Sales and Customer Success