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The only podcast at the intersection of biotechnology, politics, patients & the planet. 

This is the only podcast at the intersection of biotechnology, politics, patients and the planet. We spotlight next-generation breakthroughs, the people they help, the global problems they solve and politicians with the power to fast-track a better future or mess it all up. Hosted by former Congressman Jim Greenwood.

Produced and edited by Eric Kleiman; engineered and mixed by Jess Fenton; assistant produced by Connor McKoy, Theresa Brady, and Cornelia Poku; digital content by Joe Hansen, and Raffi Seyum; marketing by Jane D’Angelo.


President and CEO, Jim Greenwood - Podcast Host

Sickle Cell
Episode 7: Sickle Cell Saviors

Need a dose of inspiration in a time of national tragedy? A remarkable biotech breakthrough from Global Blood Therapeutics offers fresh hope to patients living with sickle-cell disease.

Episode 6: COVID-19 Could Generate 1st Computerized Vaccine

Futuristic biotech Moderna is the first to clinically test a coronavirus vaccine, created in weeks using only the virus’ genetic code. The company’s messenger RNA breakthrough may be just in time as a former CDC director warns that animal viruses spilling over to humans is the new normal.

Episode 5: Coronavirus Lung Treatment Could be Ready In Weeks

Regeneron’s rheumatoid arthritis drug shows promise to treat coronavirus-related lung syndrome and stop the inflammation that leads to death. The company also expects to test a preventative antibody shot in June.

I AM BIO - Trying our Patients
Episode 4: Trying our Patients

As genetic sequencing gives scientists new tools to hone in on medical mysteries, Washington politicians flirt dangerously with policies that would stymie the genomic revolution while giving patients scant pricing relief at the pharmacy counter.

An Alternative to Flying Dirty
Episode 3: An Alternative to Flying Dirty

While Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has kindled a global dialogue about the ravages of climate change and the role of airline emissions, a Colorado biotech is putting forward a jaw-dropping alternative to flight shaming: actual jet fuel with no carbon footprint.

Episode 2: Superbuggin'

Incurable gonorrhea and the deadly hospital superbug C. diff offer a frightening window into the gathering public health menace of antibiotic resistance. If society doesn’t wake up and tackle the problem, we could be headed toward a calamity on the magnitude of climate change.

Episode 1: First Dose

One day before 16-year-old Izzy Thorpe-Wall takes her first dose of Vertex’s stunning Cystic Fibrosis breakthrough, Thorpe and her mother, Clare, open up about their emotional journey and one brave girl’s determination to stay healthy long enough to meet this day of her dreams.