10:30 AM - 10:45 AM (EDT), Tuesday, June 6, 2023 ・ Session Room 103
Cellular therapies, in which living cells are the drug administered to patients, have the potential to advance treatment for a variety of inherited and acquired diseases. CyteQuest is addressing the need for a flexible electroporation platform that can facilitate discovery and easily scale cell therapy manufacturing from the research level (low-volume) to the clinical level (high-volume). With our approach, a researcher can optimize transfections 50X faster than conventional cuvette systems, using small volumes of precious cells to rapidly explore a range of chemical and electrical conditions. Once identified, these parameters would be used for large-scale clinical manufacturing of cells without costly re-optimization. Our platform dramatically reduces the time and cost to develop and manufacture cell therapies. This will expand the availability of cell therapies to treat a wider range of diseases, extending treatment to a much broader patient community.
Company Type:
Privately Funded Company
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New York
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United States
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Main Therapeutic Focus:
Gene/Cell Therapy
Lead Product in Development:
Electroporation instruments for flexible multiplexed Optimization (low-volume) and Manufacturing (high-volume) of cellular therapies
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Not Provided
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