3:15 PM - 3:30 PM (EDT), Wednesday, June 7, 2023 ・ Session Room 104B
Solaxa is a clinical-stage, bio-pharmaceutical, start-up company developing and commercializing therapies to improve the lives of children and adults suffering from nerve dysfunction caused by either disease, genetics, or injury. Nerve dysfunction significantly reduces both the quality and length of life. Aminopyridines are closely related, FDA-approved small molecule drugs. Dalfampridine is indicated to improve walking speed in adults with multiple sclerosis (MS) and Amifampridine to treat Lambert Eaton Myasthenic syndrome (LEMS). Aminopyridines can also reduce the severity and frequency of attacks in hereditary ataxias and can improve detection, treatment and healing of nerve injuries caused by trauma and surgery.
Company Type:
Privately Funded Company
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United States
Year Founded:
Main Therapeutic Focus:
Lead Product in Development:
Dalfampridine ODT
Development Phase of Primary Product:
Phase III
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Not Provided