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12:45 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT), Thursday, June 8, 2023 ・ Session Room 103
Co-founded by Professor Junying Yuan and Professor Jidong Zhu, two leading scientists in cell death and LLPS fields respectively;

• An integrated and experienced R&D team to support drug development from bench to bedside Liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) has been implicated in various diseases including cancer,neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic diseases, etc.;

• Our proprietary LLPS platform enables high throughput discovery of novel drugs targeting “undruggable” proteins such as transcription factors and phosphatases

• Various landmark papers including publication in Cell

• Leading asset is in Phase Ib;

• 3 assets in PCC nomination and IND enabling stage;

• Strategic collaboration with Roche and Lilly on LLPS platform established

• Clinical trial collaboration with MSD initiated
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SHP2, phase I ; ARV-7, IND enabling stage; YAP, IND enabling stage; other severals are at lead optimizaiton stage.
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Phase I
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Shanghai Etern Biopharma Co., Ltd