11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EDT), Wednesday, June 7, 2023 ・ North Lobby
Reglagene is a therapeutics company transforming tubulin targeting therapy for brain diseases. Reglagene’s lead program is a novel, orally administered, well tolerated, blood-brain barrier penetrant therapy for the treatment of brain cancers. RGN6024 is our clinical candidate. In a head-to-head study in a drug resistant glioblastoma animal model, RGN6024 suppressed tumor growth by 54% and outperformed the standard of care therapy temozolomide. RGN6024 safely achieves 9 micromolar maximal brain concentration, at a dose 25% of the maximum tolerated yielding efficacy in the tumor model. RGN6024 represents new intellectual property and is the subject of a recent patent filing. It is manufactured in a concise 3 step sequence. Reglagene’s clinical trial plan diversifies risk by targeting both primary and secondary brain tumors. We anticipate the start of human clinical trials in mid 2024. Reglagene’s product portfolio also includes disease indications driven by brain inflammation. Several brain penetrant molecules in Reglagene’s patent portfolio are potent blockers of the inflammatory response. We are conducting proof of concept studies in various diseases driven by neuroinflammation and intend to select a clinical candidate molecule in 2024.