Gilboa Therapeutics

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EDT), Tuesday, June 6, 2023 ・ North Lobby
Gilboa is a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, co-located in Boston and Israel, that is developing our proprietary SolidT technology, which originated in Dr. Yaron Carmi's lab at Tel Aviv University. SolidT cell therapy promises to be a major advance over CAR-T and other cell therapy approaches in development. The platform is based upon T cells that are genetically engineered to express a modified, high-affinity antibody receptor. This antibody receptor allows the engineered T cells to target antibody coated tumor cells. SolidT cells are designed to deliver a highly specific and potent attack that has demonstrated complete eradication of tumors in challenging animal models, while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. SolidT is an innovative platform technology that has the potential to benefit patients with a range of both solid and hematological tumors, with an improved safety profile compared to other cell therapy approaches.
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Gilboa Therapeutics