CorriXR Therapeutics

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT), Wednesday, June 7, 2023 ・ North Lobby
CorriXR Therapeutics is an oncology-focused biotherapeutics development company enabled by a novel IP-protected in vivo gene editing therapeutic platform technology.

We advance the science of gene editing by capitalizing on cutting-edge platform technology, having a strong team, and showcasing the ability to build ventures that address key areas with significant therapeutic gaps. Our team emphasizes equity, bringing our latest discoveries to diverse communities who are often excluded from clinical trials and treatments.

The company is the inaugural biotech spin-out of ChristianaCare, a large mid-Atlantic healthcare system and the Gene Editing Institute, which has been embedded in ChristianaCare’s Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute since 2015.

The collaborative relationship between CorriXR Therapeutics, the Gene Editing Institute, and ChristianaCare is a unique CorriXR advantage. The Gene Editing Institute has and will continue to provide gene editing therapy research and development to CorriXR. The Helen F. Graham Cancer Center & Research Institute provides “next-bench” access to a board range of solid tumor oncologists, researchers, and patients. These collaborations are integral to CorriXR’s business model.

CorriXR Therapeutics’ platform technology utilizes a proprietary CRISPR/Cas biomolecular tool to specifically disable the genome of a tumor cell while not affecting healthy cells. The initial CorriXR delivery system is a proven lipid nanoparticle approach that will evolve from direct injection into systemic delivery for other targets.
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CorriXR Therapeutics