Josh Mandel-Brehm, MBA

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Josh Mandel-Brehm is the President & Chief Executive Officer of CAMP4 Therapeutics, which he has led since the company’s founding 6 years ago. Under his leadership, CAMP4 has built a proprietary technology platform designed to amplify mRNA to increase healthy gene expression and expanded to a team of more than 60 people. CAMP4 recently announced the close of its $100 million Series B financing and anticipates entering the clinic with one of its lead candidates in 2023.
Mr. Mandel-Brehm was previously an entrepreneur partner with Polaris Partners. He also co-founded VICO Therapeutics, a biotech based in the Netherlands, and is starting a next-generation diagnostics company focused on early disease intervention. He serves on the board of directors for ProMIS Neurosciences.
Mr. Mandel-Brehm previously held key business development and operations leadership roles at leading biotech companies. Most recently he served as part of the business development group at Biogen, where he led multiple strategic activities and corresponding transactions. Prior to Biogen, Mr. Mandel-Brehm held several roles of increasing responsibility at Genzyme as part of the business development group for the company’s rare disease business unit.
Mr. Mandel-Brehm earned a BA in Biology from Washington University in St. Louis and holds an MBA from the University of Michigan.
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Tuesday, June 6
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