Anil Gulati, MD

Willowbrook, Illinois, United States
Anil Gulati is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Pharmazz, Inc., Willowbrook, Illinois. In addition, he is a Professor Emeritus at Midwestern University and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Gulati is an inventor with over 50 patents that have been granted focused on first-in-class drug candidates for treating cerebral stroke. His other discovery has led to the development and launch of a novel resuscitative agent for hemorrhagic shock. In addition, the development work he did in India has been recognized by the USFDA and granted two of his drug products approval for late-stage phase III trial in the US. Dr. Gulati was the Scientific Reviewer United States Defense Medical Research and Development Program, Combat Casualty Care Research Program. In addition, he is a United States Fulbright Scholar and the International Ranbaxy Research Award winner. Dr. Gulati is the recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Award, Paul R Dawson Biotechnology Award, and Littlejohn Award.
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3:30 PM - 3:45 PM
Wednesday, June 7
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