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Kiran Avancha

I am a healthcare & biotech executive with scientific, strategic, operational, and entrepreneurial experience. As a PhD trained pharmaceutical scientist in drug discovery, I have a proven track record of over 16+ years of strategic and business development leadership experience in clinical & translational research, product innovation, venture creation, incubation, M&A, tech transfer, asset licensing, P&L in industry, academia, and healthcare. Throughout my career, led large academic and healthcare research programs, successfully fundraised over $50M from VCs, PEs, HNIs and health-systems to build innovation programs in not-for-profit and for-profit sectors. I have built a business development portfolio with contracts from 180+ pharma and biotech companies across the globe. Determined by a personal mission to solve complex diseases and healthcare related problems through empathy driven patient-centric solutions.
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11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Thursday, June 8
Phase 3 ready rare disease company focused on MCT8 deficiency (a.k.a. Allan-Herndon Dudley Syndrome…
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