Elizabeth Jeffords

Elizabeth Jeffords, President & CEO of Iolyx Therapeutics, is a team-focused executive and director with cross-lifecycle expertise including company formation & fundraising, clinical development, commercial launches, a >$9B+ global P&L, and M&A. She has launched more than a dozen products in ophthalmology, oncology, neurology, immunology, and rare disease, and chaired business and pricing governance cross-portfolio. Prior to Iolyx, Ms. Jeffords was the Chief Commercial & Strategy Officer of Alkahest which she helped lead to acquisition in 2020. At Genentech and Roche, Ms. Jeffords served as Vice President US Ophthalmology, CEO Roche Norway, Global Business Unit Head of Established Products, Global Head of Commercial Operations, US Head of Pricing & Contracting, and US Head of Market Analysis & Strategy. She also served as the first Strategic Lead for Genentech’s Personalized HealthCare initiative. Before Genentech, she worked as a researcher at Yale and UCSF, a strategy consultant, and in healthcare software business development. Ms. Jeffords is an angel investor with Portfolia and currently serves on the Boards of Iolyx, BIO, and Springboard’s Women’s Health Executive Committee, and previously with Akorn, HBA Europe, and Roche Norway Pharma & Diagnostics. She holds a BS in Biology & Management from Yale and a Masters of Business & Technology from UNSW, Australia, which she attended as a Fulbright Scholar.
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Tuesday, June 6
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