Neal Koller

Annapolis, Maryland, United States
A founder of Alphyn, Mr. Koller has served as the company’s CEO and Chairman of the Board since the company started in November 2019. He has been President & CEO, and Director for six life science businesses, guiding them to milestone achievement or exit. Before Alphyn, Mr. Koller was President & CEO and board member of Perthera, Inc., preceded by the same positions at PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc. Mr. Koller established Plurogen’s manufacturing, research and development, and operations facility and launched products into U.S. & international markets, exiting to a multi-national at 16x investment. Additionally, Mr. Koller held positions as President of PDA, CEO of Sound Diagnostics Inc., President & CEO of Dovetail Technologies Inc., and President of WellCare International Corp. He began his career at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, where he achieved notable successes in both large division and early stage business roles. He has a B.S. in biology from the University of Richmond.
Speaking In
1:00 PM - 1:15 PM
Monday, June 5
Alphyn Biologics is clinical-stage developing first-in-class Multi-Target Therapeutics™ initially…
Session Room 104C